How Do You Play the Clarinet?
Clarinet fingering chart - When playing an instrument, there is a certain way on how it is correctly performed. Like playing any other musical instrument, it is vital for clarinet players to know the correct way of playing the instrument. There are a lot of playing techniques that can be associated with playing the clarinet, so don’t forget your clarinet fingering charts.
Correct Placement of the Clarinet

Clarinet fingering charts - Initially, you have to make sure that you adhere to the correct embouchure. This is the technique on how you hold the clarinet in your mouth between your lips as well as how you blow into the instrument. This is perhaps the most important technique that needs to be mastered in order to play as effortlessly as possible and in order to develop a good sound. The technique will involve holding the clarinet in a 45 degree angle to the body. You have to take the clarinet into your mouth and make sure that the reed is on the lower lips. The mouthpiece should be touching the upper teeth. When playing, you should not press the clarinet into your lower lips and teeth.
Proper Breathing and Blowing Technique

While you already know how to place the clarinet into your mouth, you also need to learn how to breathe and blow properly. Playing the clarinet will involve breathing through your mouth. You have to remember that you will need to blow the air out in certain strengths, under pressure, controlled and for a rather long time.
Proper Fingering

Fingering of the clarinet is identical when you consider the chalumeau as well as the clarinet register. Basically, the fingering is also identical for all sizes of clarinets. The fingering tables that you see today are applicable for all sizes of clarinets. However, there are some instruments will have special trill keys. Moreover, the bass as well as the alto clarinets will have special low keys which can’t be found in normal soprano clarinets. Such key may be found different when you compare one clarinet maker to another.

Once the player masters playing the clarinet, he or she will have developed his or her own technique in fingering. Some players cover lower tone holes to create a clear, long tone. There are others who are able to achieve this kind of tone by only half covering the lower tone holes. The player will be able to develop his or her own way of effectively playing the clarinet which is considered comfortable on the part of the clarinet player.
Are You Ready to Play the Clarinet?

Now, that you know the techniques on effectively playing the clarinet, you can now try playing and practicing. If you are having problems when how this goes, it is best to seek help from a teacher to better address the areas that needs improvement when considering how to play a clarinet.


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